C’est Moi, Paris!

I have taken my vow to up the antenna of my kitchen skills. No more just eating out and wondering feverishly, “How the hell do they make that?” and then emptying my purse because, how else am I able to eat it if I don’t pay for it? So, I now find myself in Paris, […]

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We, the Carnivores

Graphic details of U.S.D.A. prime beef tenderloin being handled and prepped into cuts of filet mignon for human consumption. Chef NAT is hard a work. In Instant and Black & White camera modes. Rather film noir, I must admit.

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[SG] Joie by Dozo

There was a wee bit of conundrum. Yes, yes. A small one. Staff: Welcome to Joie, we have changed our concept from our days as Dozo before our re-location. Us: We can see that! (wilted faces all round). You don’t serve Japanese food anymore! (correction: fine moderne Japanesque).There’s no meat on the menu! (minds envisioning […]

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[Quote] Cooking Implicates

Cooking implicates us in a whole web of social and ecological relationships: with plant and animals, with the soil, with farmers, with microbes both inside and outside our bodies, and of course, with the people our cooking nourishes and delights. Above all else … cooking connects.

Cooking — of whatever kind, everyday or extreme — situates us in the world in a very special place, facing the natural world on one side and the social world on the other. The cook stands squarely between nature and culture, conducting a process of translation and negotiation. Both nature and culture are transformed by the work. And in the process … so is the cook.

From: Cook: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan


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Oysters Across Three Continents

Chef NAT’s Oysters Rockerfeller, Houston, Texas I like technology. It allows me know what’s happening in a kitchen halfway across the world in an instant. All hail whatsapp (just don’t start charging me). In what was a perfectly ordinary day earlier in the week, I heard the “do doop” alert notification on my phone. A whatsapp message […]

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